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Torrents Download : step by step process

Step-by-step Guide with Pictures on Free Movie Torrent Files Download Using Bittorent/uTorrent

Select A Movie Torrent First

Step 1 : Find a Torrent Website 

Which is the best Torrent Site ? Here is the list of top Torrent site
  • Pirate Bay 
  • YIFY-Torrents
  • extratorrent 
  • Kick ass 
  • Torrentz2
These three are the best Torrents Sites. you can get more torrent sites list. if the above torrents links are not working try to find alternate links in google.

Step 2 : Open any one of the torrent site listed above. here we taken Kickass.
Step 3 : Search for your desired file. If you don't have any particular just choose Browse option.

For Ex : search "The Jungle Book" Movie in Kick ass.

Step 4 : Result for "The Jungle Book" Search query.

The speed at which you can download a torrent file is determined by the number of seeders available. A seeder is a torrent user that has the entire file available for downloading.

Step 5 : Pick-out the best movie torrent. you should select and download a torrent movie according to criteria: quality (1080p HD or UHD), size, download speed, format and language. Few seeders may cause difficulty in connecting the file, while more leechers than seeders leads to long torrent movie download time.

Now i am going to download the first torrent 

Step 6 : Open the torrent file

 Step 7 : Magnate Link should always be your first choice. see below image

Download Movie Torrent 

Step 1 : We can't download movies directly from our Browser. so weed a Torrent Client to download Torrent files.

Here are the list of top Torrent Clients ╬╝Torrent® , BitTorrent , Shareaza, BitComet, BitTornado, ABC Torrent Client, FlashGet Torrent Client, XBT Client, BitSpirit, qBittorrent.

Install any one of the above listed Torrent Client in your device

Step 2 : Start Downloading Movie Torrent file by clicking Magnet Link in Torrent Site.

Success Now your Torrent Start Downloading and Happy Torrenting.


  1. but as soon as i click on the magnatic link its takes me to the signup page.

    1. Thank you @Shubham Gupta
      Torrent sites never ask Signup.justclick on the magnet link it will automatically takes you to Torrent client for downloading like BiTorrent,uTorrent..It seems you did something wrong.

  2. no sir its nothng like that...i have already installed utorrent but as i said it asking for sign-up. it gives a properly pop-up window for sign-up.


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