10 Rules for E-mail Writting

10 Rules of E-Mail Etiquette Everyone Should Follow!

Step 1 : Name the Subject

A Proper subject line is a must. Highlight the email with the help of the Subject line.A subject line can help you highlight a problem or opportunity thereby allowing the person to understand your mail better.

Step 2 : Put a Prefix

Always use proper Prefix like Mr.or Ms., Mrs or professional salutations like Sir, Madam etc. This makes it Sound better. It would be better to address it Saying Dear Steve or Hi Steve than just say Steve.

Step 3 : Spell the Name Correctly

Be sure you should spell the name correctly. Wrongly spelled names can hurt the person whom you are addressing the mail to.

Step 4 : Introduction

Start with an introduction highlighting the issue in a professional mail. In personal emails, its always better to ask how the person is doing or to introduce yourself and talk about the smaller things before   you move on to important ones. 

Step 5 : Come to the point directly

An E-mail may require you to be more direct. Its better to be direct than to beat around the bush. A complete description may help you more.

Step 6 : Use Proper Language 
Don't use Shortcuts.Use proper language, rather than using SMS shortcuts or broken English. A well written E-mail always gets read and is understandable. There is a chance of misunderstanding with an email written in improper language.

Step 7 : Pause before your "Reply All
If the Email involves a lot of people, do address it to the person whom it is intended rather than sending to others. the best advice given that know the 3 different fields To,Carbon Copy (Cc) and Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc).

Step 8 :  Acknowledge
You don't have to always reply to Emails, but you can acknowledge the receipt of your mails. You could even send a reply saying "Mail Received".

Step 9 : Say Thank You.....!!!!!!

Always conclude the Email with a Thanks or "Sincerely" or may be "Regards".Always take a time to add favorable words so that others can never hurt.

Step 10 : Signature

Always Put your name at the end of the E-mail.In professional E-mails you could include professional designations. You could alternatively add your Address or Phone Number.
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