Funny Google Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Getting bored ? then how about trying out some of these funny pranks to amuse your friends. I have made a list of funny Google Tricks (links) that you can visit to kill your boredom.

1. Google Gravity

Search for Google Gravity and click on I’m feeling lucky and after that all the objects on that page will start falling down due to gravity and you can play with every piece by dragging them.

2. Google Mirror

Google Mirror displays all results in a reversed text, including the images in such a way that it becomes difficult, as well as interesting to read the of the most interesting Google Gravity tricks that you should not miss trying. 
To DO this open and type in google mirror and select I’m feeling lucky or the first link that comes up.

3. Google Sphere

This make all the link move like a 3d sphere around Google image search. This is not it you can also search image while this is on, just enter the name of the image and click image search button.

4. Let me Google 

Type let me Google that for you on Google and click the i’m feeling lucky. 
Tips : Impress your buddies by using the link generated and sent it to your friends instead of url.

5. Epic Google

Open and type epic Google and click on i am feeling lucky today or the first link that came up.

Opposite to Epic Google is Weenie here to test Weenie Google

6. Annoying Google

Open and type in annoying Google followed by the I am felling lucky today.

7. Google Guitar

Google Gravity Guitar lets you play the guitar on the search engine page and enthral others with your aptitude. With this, you can play several familiar tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Forest Gump and Harry Potter where Google provides you the accurate notes for the tunes. 

8. Google my way

 Impress your friend by showing them your name on Google search homepage.
Just follow these simple steps. Open and type in you name and click create, this is it.  Don’t forget to make it your homepage.

9.Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is another interesting concept of Google Gravity which makes the search results disappear one after one with the falling zeros. Simply type ‘Zerg Rush’ in the Google search page and you can experience this awesome trick in the search results page.

10.Google Packman

Pacman is one of the most exciting games that you can play at . In this game, you act as the Pacman who needs to finish eating the balls within the lines and defend yourself from the monsters. The key attraction here is the Pacman game and everything else remains the same.

11.Snake Game

You must have played the snakes game in the previous Nokia mobile phones. Google Snake Game is exactly the same as that. The snake needs to eat up all the food provided in the game in order to get larger. Google Snake Game can be played at and you can share your scores after the completion of the game.

12.Google Loco

Another trick where the entire web page falls down like an earthquake. With the pull force of gravity, Google Loco is very much similar to Google 0 gravity
You can check it here:

13.Google Tilt

‘Tilt’ displays the search results in a tilted manner as you can see above. To experience this trick, simply type ‘tilt’ after opening the Google search page and hit enter. As the results will appear you will find the difference between the normal search engine and the tilted one.
Click here to test Google Tilt


First go to google home page either in desktop or in mobile app just type Tic tac toe or click this link to go directly.In this game of naughts and crosses, you can select your level of difficulty or even go head to head against a friend.
This game have four different levels of difficulties.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Impossible
  • Play against a friend

15.Solitaire :

Solitaire one of the simplest and most frustrating card game.First go to google home page either in desktop or in mobile app just type Solitaire or click this Link.


"Google Barrel Roll" which is the widely used search term to perform a 360 degree Horizontal Spin of Google search Page.Try it yourself by searching "Do A Barrel Roll" in google search bar and click on I'm feeling lucky or simply test this Link.feel the difference.

17.IP Location

Get your IP address Location Information just by doing a search on Google Home Page.
Turn on location Service to get Accurate information.

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