Sony World Photography Awards 2016 Winners Revealed

It’s time again to celebrate the best of photography, amateur and professional alike. The Sony World Photography Awards 2016 winners have been announced, and we’ve compiled some of our favorite 1st place winners below for you to draw inspiration from.
As a quick refresher, the Sony World Photography Awards are split up into three main categories: Professional, Open, and Youth. The Professional category is then broken down further into 14 categories, 7 of which are considered “art” and 7 of which are considered “documentary.”

Professional landscape category winner
Rhino, from the series Land of Nothingness by Maroesjka Lavigne, Belgium
Namibia is one of the least densely populated places on earth, a barren, yet constantly changing desert landscape; here a rhino bleeds into ground and sky.

2.In his poignant series In Search of the European Dream, photographer Angelos Tzortzinis documents the struggle of the thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing political and social upheaval in the Middle East.

3.Each year, in the mountainous region of western China, the Kazakh eagle hunters gather for a festival to promote their way of life and keep the old traditions alive. Photographer Kevin Frayer was fortunate enough to capture the festivities in his series Eagle Hunters of Western China.

4.The only photographer to take home first place in two categories, Kevin Frayer’s series Nomadic Life Threatened on the Tibetan Plateau documents the challenges Tibetan nomads face—from climate changed, to forced resettlement.

5.Fire of Hatred, by Asgar Khamseh, Iran Mohsen Mortazavi is a 34-year-old resident of Tehran. On the first day of work in 2012, his co-worker welcomed him with three litres of sulphuric acid, and after that knifed him 16 times in revenge for making prank calls – although he wasn’t responsible. Mohsen lost his right eye, skin on his head, and right eardrum. He still requires further surgery.

Professional conceptual category winner
Greetings from Mars, by Julien Mauve, France
Mauve says: ‘I have always wondered what it would be like to discover a totally different world ... and to photograph it for the first time as if I was Ansel Adams. So I came up with this project, which is about space exploration and discovery. But it’s also about our behavior in front of landscapes and how we create pictures that will share our personal story with the world’

Professional candid category winner
Milagro, from the series Waiting for the Candymen by Kirstin Schmitt, Germany
Schmitt calls her series ‘a portrait of Cuban idiosyncrasy and a study of waiting. Waiting for the right moment, waiting for tomorrow, waiting for change, waiting for something or someone who brings redemption – maybe’

Professional daily life category winner

The Curse of Coal, by Espen Rasmussen, Norway
Chelse, 21, together with her boyfriend Eric and friend Alvin, in her mother’s trailer close to Beckley, West Virginia. They smoke OxyContin painkillers before going out for a party on Hallowe’en. West Virginia is pill state number one in the US, partly in the wake of the collapse of the coal industry.

Professional architecture category winner
Empire of dust # 18, Palerme, Sicile, by Amélie Labourdette, France
Labourdette’s Empire of Dust series was taken in the south of Italy, where financial crises and embezzlement have left the countryside pockmarked with unfinished buildings

Professional staged winner
 IconicB004, by Alberto Alicata, Italy
Alicata traces the history of photography, using symbols of contemporary western culture. In this case, Barbie helps replicate a famous Guy Bourdin image
Photograph: Alberto Alicata

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