Smart Offline YouTube New feature

 YouTube world's largest video streaming platform today announced new feature to it's offline service. The new feature "Smart Offline" .
With this new feature user can take advantage of cheaper mobile data rates at night.
How to Use Smart Offline on YouTube..!
Here is the step by step process to use "Smart Offline " feature.

Step 1 : Select a Video You Would like to watch in day time.after that Save it offline by tapping on the grey arrow Offline icon.

Step 2 : If your mobile Operator has an eligible data offer for smart offline ,Select the Option to use the feature.
But as of now This feature won’t be available to everyone in India yet, for now it will only be available to Airtel and Telenor subscribers, but YouTube say it hopes to introduce the feature nationwide “eventually.”

Step 3 : When users will taps the button to push a video offline, a message will appear that will give you the option to select “Save overnight” using your mobile operator’s discounted night data plan. When you select it, the YouTube app will smartly schedule your video to be offlined after peak hours that night. This lets you watch the video seamlessly without any buffering. YouTube’s Smart Offline feature only works with videos downloaded or viewed over cellular networks.

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Step 4 : Find your Offline Videos in the " Save Videos " Tab in your Account.

The Save offline feature is gradually rolling out to Airtel and Telenor subscribers starting today. Users need to have updated YouTube app to make use of this feature.

Note : This will only work when connected to a compatible mobile network — it won’t work over Wi-Fi.

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