Samsung's new Universal Flash Storage Helps You Achieve Your Dreams

Memory Cards are mainly used in Smart Phones,Cameras,Music Players to store the data.Memory cards are differ in terms of Speed, Physical Size and Capacity.
And also different devices requires different types of SD Cards. Here is the different Classes and Speeds of SD Cards.

Universal Flash Storage : UFS also a common Flash storage used in Mobile Phones,Cameras,Music Player and other media gadgets. these are used to get higher data rate and more reliability.

Samsung Electronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, and South Korea’s top electronics company today announced world's first UFS Removable Memory Card for use in high-resolution mobile shooting devices such as DSLRs, 3D VR cameras, action cams and drones in a wide variety range including 256,128,64 and 32 gigabyte(GB) Memory.

Samsung UFS Specifications: 

Read Speed : with the new Samsung UFS memory card we will get a reading speed of 530 Megabytes per Second(MB/S) almost half gigabyte per second,which is 5 times more faster than the top memory cards available in present.means we can transfer 5GB Full HD Movie with in 10 sec compared to Ultra high Speed memory cards,which would take approximately 50 sec. 
Write Speed : The new 256GB UFS memory offers a writing speed upto 170 megabytes per second(MB/s) which is almost double the speed of top memory cards.with these performance Improvement, the new 256GB UFS memory reduces the multimedia downloading time,Photo thumbnail loading time.
Design : Even though the design of the card looks similar to the microSD from the front but the pin structure in back side is we can observe the difference in below pic.
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The new 256GB UFS process random read rate of 40,000 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) compared to misroSD card process 1,800 IOPS,when it comes to writing it process 35,000 IOPS which is 350 times higher than the standard microSD Card have a write process of  100 IOPS.

At present there is no devices to support this types of UFS Memory cards,may be Devices released in future might support.
Hope that Samsung new models will support this new standard.
Source : Samsung NewsRoom

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