Start sign in into your gmail account without using password by using mobile

Are you tired of entering your password every time to log into your gmail account..? Instead of typing password each time try to sign in by using your smart phone.
Here are the simple steps you need to follow

Set Up Gmail Account in your Phone :

Requirments : 
Android phones with updated Google play services & lock screen for iOS devices iPhone 5s and above models with Touch Id and Google App are compatible.
Note : If you have already added gmail account in your mobile please skip this step and continue from "Sign in using phone".

a).First set up google account in your android mobile.for this set up Go to settings menu and navigate to Account Section then choose Add Account option.

b).Now select Google Account and it will ask you to add an existing google account or create a new one?
    c).if you have the gmail account choose existing option otherwise you can select the New option.with this you are successfully completed the Gmail Account set up in your mobile.

     Sign in using Phone :

    Click this link directly you can go-to your Google Account Section. 

    Now select Sign-in & Security you will see a column 
    "Tired of typing passwords ? Try using your phone to sign in.
    it's simple just click on Get Started.


    Step 1 : Now it will show three simple on Set it Up will ask you to enter your gmail password.hope it will be the last time you enter gmail password.

    Step 2 : Now it displays your phone model Then click on Next.

    Step 3 : Now Google verifies the gmail login by using mobile phone.
    it send a prompt message to your device to make a confirmation.
    just click on "Yes". 

    After successful login Turn it on to start using your phone to sign in to your Google Account.

    Sign in with your phone is safe ?: 

    A strong password should consists of Numbers,Symbols and mixed it is difficult to the users to remember the password every time.for that reason Sign in with your phone is an easy and secure alternative to using your password.
    For more quires please refer google Accounts help forum.

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