Android Nougat Seminar and PPT

Android N Developer Preview : Google surprised everyone on March 10th  by releasing the Android N Developer Preview significantly earlier than expected. The Android N Developer preview offers a look at new features which will be available in the next Android build including multi-window support, brand new notification shade, notification enhancements, and more.
Finally Google revealed the name of it's Android N version on June 30.It is not Nutella ,it's Nougat.
Android 7.0 Nougat was officially released on August 22, 2016

Multi-window mode : One of the biggest changes in the new version is the introduction of Multitasking view which allows users to open two apps together in split screen mode and to operate them at the same time. The apps can be run together either side by side or one above the other with the split re-sizable using a central slider.

Enhanced Doze Mode : Android Marshmallow used a feature called ‘Doze’ to extend the battery life. With the new OS, Android N this feature ‘Doze’ is designed to work even when the screen is turned off. This will help the device to improve the battery life.

Svelte : In Android N, Google has introduced Project Svelte which is an effort to optimize the way apps run in the background. The new project is focused on keep a check on background processing that needlessly consume RAM (and battery) and affect system performance for other apps.

Know about latest Google's Andromeda Operating System

New Android N System Menu : Android N delivers a revamped settings menu too. The changes include the addition of a Suggestions drop-down section at the top and removal of the individual section dividers. One of the best changes though is that you can now see basic details of each section in the main Settings menu. So, for example, rather than have to enter the Wi-Fi menu to see which network you’re connected to, Android N displays that information in the top-level settings menu. It’s an obvious time-saving idea and is kind of surprising it has taken this long to appear. Sound and Notifications have now been given their own dedicated sections too, rather than being grouped together like in Marshmallow.
Call Blocking: Finally Android is coming up with Call Blocking Feature which will allow the user to block the number at the system level. Once a number has been blocked in the system level, all other software like Messengers, Hangouts and other third party apps will automatically block the contact.As of know most of the android users using "True Caller" For call blocking. 

Notification : Google has also redesigned notifications in Android N build which will include template updates, bundled notifications, direct reply, and custom view.With notification template update, the hero image and avatar will get more emphasis while the bundled notifications will allow system group messages together. The direct reply will allow users to communicate with apps in real-time such as responding to an SMS or text message directly within the notification pane. Google says that two new APIs has been enabled to leverage system decorations for custom views in notifications
Android N's Data Saver : Google has introduced new Data Saver mode, which will help reduce cellular data use by apps. With the new Data Saver mode, users will get more control over how apps use cellular data. Once the Data Saver mode is enabled in Settings, the system will block background data and will also signal apps to use less data "wherever possible." Users will also get an option to select specific apps to run in the background and use data even when Data Saver mode is enabled.
Call Screening : Android Nougat allows the default phone app to screen incoming calls. Three options will appear to users on Android N; Reject the incoming call, Do not allow the call to the call log, Do not show the user a notification for the call.
Clear All Button : “Clear All” Button to close all open apps in single click, In previous Android Versions we need to Swipe through each app to close.

Emergency Information : This is one of the best Feature in Android Nougat.You can access it by clicking “users” in your main settings menu, and then tapping “emergency information.”we will get two options.the first one 
Emergency Information : this is related to our health emergencies such as your blood type, medications you take and any allergies.
 Emergency contact : Anyone can read it from the Emergency dailer without unlocking your phone.

Customize the quick settings apps according to user interest by holding the setting icon on top of the screen.

About Android Nougat PPT :

In this PPT we covered
  • What is Android..?
  • Versions o Android
  • About Android Nougat 7.0 
  • Features
  • Android Nougat Advantages and Disadvantages

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