Difference Between Chromium and Chrome OS

Rumors suggest that soon Google will introduces it's latest operating system "Andromeda".Have a look at what is Andromeda?

Andromeda : 

Andromeda is a new Operating System by google and it is a Merger of Android and Chrome OS.Andromeda and Chrome OS both are developed by Google.

About Android :

Most of the people in the assumption that Android Operating System is developed by Google but Originally Android OS developed by Android Inc Founded by Andy Rubin in the year 2003.Later,In 2005 Google owned the Android Inc.
Android Operating System is Developed based on the Open Linux Kernel.the early intention of the Android Inc is to develop an advance Operating System to Digital Cameras later android created a revolution in smartphone world.
Android dominated the smartphone market with a share of 87.6%
Now a days Android Operating Mobiles typically comes with several built in Applications.

About Chrome OS :

Chrome OS is an Operating System based on the Linux-Kernel.Chrome OS a is creation of Google in the year 2009.the main difference between Chrome OS and other Operating systems is,Chrome OS is Cloud-Centric means both User data and Application are reside in the Cloud.This Operating System is suitable for the persons who spend most of the time on Web and Web-Centric Services.Chrome Web Browser is the inspiration behind this Chrome OS.
Chrome OS Runs through Google Chrome Web Browser  as principle Interface having all the google applications like Gmail or Inbox,Google Docs,Google Sheets,YouTube,Google News and other Applications.We can't install any Microsoft application like Word,Power Point,One Note,Outlook,Excel etc...but if you are indeed,you can use those by accessing from chrome store.The main purpose to designing the Chrome OS is to Run the Note Books and Light weight process machines.

Chromium OS Vs Chrome OS :

There is a slight difference between Chromium OS and Chrome OS.Chromium OS is Open Source Development version of Chrome OS based on Linux-Kernel.
Then what makes the difference between Chrome OS from Chromium OS is your question? 
Don't worry just read it again Chromium OS is Development Version of Chrome OS,means Chromium Operating System available to download and also developer can built it manually by using source code according to their interest. We can simply refer Chromium OS for Developers.
Where as Chrome OS is Hardware-Tied,means the Operating System is not available to download.Chrome OS is only part of Chromebooks.if you want to use Chrome OS means you need to buy a Chromebook that are partners with google.

Unlike other Operating Systems,Chrome OS is 100% safe and Virus Free.Because it is Cloud-Centric and it's always checks for latest updates and install automatically.But other operating systems like windows we need to install latest updates and must have a third party application installation to protect from Virus.the reason behind chrome books gaining more popularity in mid 2015 is Chromebooks are more secure and immune to malware.this is the key selling point to google Chromebooks.

What is the Difference between Chromebook and Windows ?

In my point of view this is one of the waste question Yes,you heard that is right.I will tell you few things then after you can decide.
we can simply refer Chromebook as Chrome browser.
suppose you have a windows laptop and using so many apps including google chrome web browser then how many days you can use only chrome browser without using any other application.Right it's a difficult task to so many users.for that reason we can't say windows is better than Chrome OS.Here the purpose of Chromebooks are foundation-ally different from other traditional PC's those are running with windows,Linux and other operating systems.
Don't Compare Chrome OS with other Operating Systems because it is developed for completely different purpose".
 Chromebooks delivers fast performance compare to other PC's.By default Chromebooks comes with "Solid State Hard Disk (SSD)" other windows recommended PC's have "Hard Disk Drive(HDD)".

Last words : Chrome OS is like using a laptop having only Google Chrome Web Browser No chance for any other applications.

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