How Smartphones Changed the Way We Play

Technology is changing day by day with innovations and playing an important role in our daily life. The period 1990 to 2016 has witnessed the rapid growth in technology. In the 1990s we don’t have a portable computer, but now Portable Computers are available with super speed performance.

Likewise, Smartphones dominated the PC's market. The reason behind this is Simple. Smartphones are more affordable when compared to PCs. Today Smartphones are a necessity in our daily life. The reason behind this is mobile phones are handy and easy to maintain, but computers are not like that. 
The biggest factor that boost the mobile market is Application development. Today we have a mobile application for everything. Now every smartphone has at least 2Gb of RAM it is four times higher than the computers running with 256MB,512MB of RAM in 90’s. 

why smartphones gain more popularity over computers : 

The Arrival of Android Operating System and iOS to the mobile devices has changed everything. Java and Symbian are the rulers of Mobile phones before inception of Android and iOS. At present, over 90% mobile devices are running on Android Operating System and 8% devices on iOS and remaining on Windows, BlackBerry OS. 

you know why Android and iOS are the leaders in the market? 

It's all about Applications, Android’s Google play has nearly 2.2 million apps with lead. Meanwhile Apple App Store has 2 million Applications remained as the second largest App store.The fact is the development of Computer Applications more complicated than the creation of Mobile Applications which are relatively easier and considerably less cost. 

How Smartphones changed the way of Gameplay: 

90% of mobile user are spending most of the time on Apps. As per reports most of these applications related to gaming. Yes, you heard it right. Approximately out of 4.2 million Application available in Google Play and App Store half of them relate to Gaming. Playing games on mobiles is fun & easy. Latest Smartphones are packed with high-end GPU-Powered by Adreno, Mali & PowerVR etc. for smoother gameplay.

Not only Gaming Applications, there are many Graphics Intense Applications Online that people use 24x7. Some of them include Rummy & Casino. Of course, you can always try your luck by playing casino game at are capable of running these Applications which requires desktop class system requirements like Flash and HTML5.

In addition to this Smartphones are Packing large screens with high-density pixel and offers large storage space.the number of Internet users are also increasing day by day and the count reached around 3.30 billion mark in the world.
Some latest mobile Games & Apps require users to Play online. Casino Sites are much popular examples for online Apps that every people are interested.


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