Things to consider while Buying a Vehicle Tracking System

In this Tech Era, People might be familiar with Several Car Tech Products and Software's that comes equipped with the Vehicle.

There are several huge players like Apple and Google bringing the Smart Software Experience into your Car. But all these Smart Evolution's in Car Tech helps you to make your daily tasks much easier and accessible.

What about your Vehicle then?  In this article, I'll be explaining how to Protect your Car using a Vehicle Tracking System and decide what things to consider while buying one?
Buying Vehicle Tracking System

Things you Know and Things you don't

Car Tech Software advancements like CarPlay and Android Auto lets you do the following features:
  • Access Google Maps for Easy Navigation.
  • Access Messages, Make calls, Listen to Music and
  • Some daily features what your Smartphone can do
    But what you don't about these expensive car tech products are:
    • Apparently Price. They don't come cheap and very few car manufacturers opt for this. Believe me guys no Budget class range car comes equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto
    • Without your Android or iOS devices, they won't function
    • You can't track your Car and Protect the vehicle with that cool tech.
    • Have to wait Very Long to see them in market

    So, What now? Any alternative?

    The best and preferred alternative would be to equip your car with a Smart Vehicle Tracking System that can protect your vehicle and do stuff what an expensive CarPlay and Android Auto can do.

    Here are some of the Features to consider while buying one

    • Make sure it can Track your Vehicle wherever it's parked and helps you monitor the Vehicle when someone is driving it.
    • Consider buying one that has built in Footage Recording feature to record events likes accidents and suspicious activities
    • Alert you whenever someone tries to steal the vehicle or provide required info to track a stolen car
    • Can do smart features and lets you access all the information right from your mobile device

    Where can you find one?

    There are many OBD and Vehicle Tracking Devices out there to monitor Vehicle's Health and Tracking purposes. You can easily them online stores like Amazon. But very few has the Smart features that I've mentioned above

    Here's a quick pick for you: Cyrrup's Vehicle Black Box - an ultimate Vehicle Tracking System with Smart Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Health Monitoring.

    Vehicle Black Box has some pretty good features like Live Vehicle Tracking, Footage recording with its inbuilt front and back camera's, Which can help you claim insurance when your vehicle undergoes any accidents.

    Additionally, it comes with Multiple Panic Buttons, Breathalyzer to check if the driver has consumed alcohol beyond permissible level. If he exceeds the limit, Cyrrup's Vehicle Black Box interlocks the ignition system such the vehicle won't start.
    All these features can be accessed and controlled via Mobile App on your Smartphone. I've gone through their website and found they're adding additional features like Handsfree Calling with inbuilt GSM functions that come with the Vehicle Black Box itself.

    You'll find all the details about the Tracking System features and Push to call 24x7 call center support to the Tracking System on their Website:

    Wrapping up

    So, why wait for CarPlay and Android Auto to make into the real world which might take very long time when we such smart devices to take care of our Vehicles.
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