Transfer Images, Videos and Audios altogether to SD card and vice versa

The Most common problems that Android users face now a day is having less storage. Usually a large part of the storage is filled with Images, Videos and Audios. Transferring medias to SD Card may be a hectic job as you have to search each and every folder and then to transfer or delete them. Now transfer your medias to SD Card easily and efficiently without a hassle using MoveIt.

     Move Media to SD Card- MoveIt helps you move your Images, Videos and Audios without any hassle, easily to SD Card.

     Move Media to internal storage- It also helps to move your Images, Videos and Audios to internal storage as well and not only to SD Card.

     Automatically Move your Media-It has a new and unique feature Auto Transfer which can move medias from Internal Storage to SD Card automatically even without opening the app,but by just choosing the path you want to transfer to and from.

     Built in cleaner- You can also increase your phones speed and storage by using built in cleaner, which cleans your phone’s unwanted and useless junk files which you do not need.

     Media Scanner- Find all the unwanted hidden Images, Videos and Audios in your phone which are not shown, by using MoveIt's internal and external storage media scanner.

     Search your medias - Images,videos, and audios in both Internal storage and SD Card can be searched easily without ,even opening different folders.

     Media Player- Now view your Images,Videos and Audios before moving or deleting them with the built in media player that MoveIt has.
     Easily Delete your Media- You can  easily view and delete your media in both Internal Storage and SD Card without going to each and every folder searching for them as all the media are organised together in MoveIt.

     Sorted Media- Media are sorted out date wise so you do not have to search for them.


what set apart Moveit from other apps is the ease with which it transfer your media to SD Card. It can also transfer large amount of medias. All the medias are sorted out date wise.Also all medias are at one place so you don't have to go to each and every folder search your medias and then transfer or delete them.

If your phone's always running on low storage moveit is a must have app as it helps to manage your storage easily. All this in an app that is 5 MB.

Download MoveIt for free- Download MoveIt

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