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If you are the one who focus on excellent designs and want to create eye-catching posters, banners, business cards, or other graphics for social media, it’s necessary to have some applications that can assist you in the process.

To edit photos or make graphics on a PC, professional users often just think of Photoshop which has become so famous. However, Photoshop is quite complicated to use and it’s not a smart choice for someone who don’t have professional skills and only need some simple editing functions.

App Description :

FotoJet Designer is a great alternative, developed by Pearl-mountain, a famous graphics software developer. The utility comes with many templates that you can use right from the beginning for your projects, and allows you to customize every aspect of your work with abundant resources and tools taken from computer or online source, such as clustering of lines, emoticons, and other clip-art objects.

After installing FotoJet Designer, you will be welcomed with a modern, intuitive interface that any user can easily navigate. The rich template library integrated in the program helps you quickly understand how to customize a design.

On the diversity of the above mentioned template, it is necessary to mention that you can filter them with popular tags like people, food, music, parties, motives, architecture, animals, movies and love.
This graphic design software allows you to select any object in the template to adjust or replace. Specifically with FotoJet Designer you can rotate objects, process layers, adjust brightness, replace text, modify fonts and many other options.

FotoJet Designer also provides you with the option of extending the source of your images by using your computer's images or by searching online sources. It supports you to add headings, subheadings, body text and many preset styles and fonts are available.

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Key features of FotoJet Designer:

- Modern, intuitive interface
- Includes a variety of templates

- Ability to create social media graphics, posters, banners, flyers, cards, etc
- User selects any object in template to adjust or replace
- Includes multiple images taken from a computer or online source
- Add the lines, shapes, symbols, emoji and other objects freely.


- Print function
- Alignment grid

Before getting into the details on How to Participate the Giveaway, Let's check what you'll benefit from this Giveaway.We'll be selecting 2 lucky winners from the participants, and the 2 lucky winners will get Life Time License to FotoJet Designer Premium App licence.

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