Windows 10 Creators Update New features Game Mode,Night Light,Dynamic lock and More

On April 11th 2017 , Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update and this is one of the  biggest upgrade yet - a big, free upgrade that brings new features to the operating system.Another free download which is now available to download to your PC, laptop or tablet.
To Update Your System Head to the Settings app in Windows 10, and tap or click on Update & security. You should see a message saying, "Good news! The Windows 10 Creators Update is on its way. Want to be one of the first to get it?" or similar. If not, wait until it has finished checking for available updates and then allow them to be installed before checking again.

Edition : Windows 10 Pro
Version : 1703 (2017-March)
OS Build : 15063.138 (creators Update)
Update Size : 3GB Approx
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Whats New in Creators update(1703) compare to Anniversary Update(1607)?

  1. Gaming :

In the new Creators Update, Microsoft committed to making gaming a priority for Windows.Microsoft added Game Mode to the Windows 10 Creators Update as a way to smooth out the performance of PC games. There are four sub-sections inside the new Gaming panel – Game bar, Game DVR, Broadcasting, and Game Mode.
  • Game DVR: Capture your previous plays by recording your game in the background and also option to turn off auto-recording.Beam broadcasting makes it easy to stream your gameplay and let viewers watch and interact with you in real time. Use the Game bar to broadcast to on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Game Bar: In the Windows 10 Creators Update, expand support for Windows Game bar in full-screen mode to more than 80 of the most popular PC games. You can also now manage this feature in the new Gaming section of Windows Settings. Look for “Game bar,” and make sure the “Show Game bar when I play full-screen games Microsoft has verified” setting is checked.
  • Game Mode is intended to boost gaming performance by a few percents by dedicating more system resources to your game.
    when Game Mode is active, the operating system will tend to be biased toward allocating CPU and GPU resources to the game.Game Mode will work with Windows Store games designed as universal Windows apps as well as traditional “Win32” games.
2. Now Windows Defender renamed as Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Virus & threat protection provides a new view of your antivirus protection. If you’ve chosen Windows Defender Antivirus, your scan results and threat history will be displayed here, or you will be able to launch your 3
  • Device performance & health provides a single view of your latest Windows updates, drivers, battery life and storage capacity. Additionally, you have the option to start fresh with a clean install of Windows using the Refresh Windows feature. This option will keep your personal files and some Windows settings, and remove most of your apps.
  • Firewall & network protection provides information on the network connections and active Windows Firewall settings, as well as links to network troubleshooting information.
  • App & browser control allows you to adjust settings for SmartScreen for apps and browsers helping you be more informed and stay safer online by warning you of potentially malicious sites, downloads and unrecognized apps and files from the Internet.
  • Family options give you an easy way to connect with the family options available online. This page can link you to information about parental controls, options for setting up good screen time habits, setting up activity reports of your kids’ online activity and managing controls for purchasing apps and games. You can also view the health and safety of your family’s devices from this centralized location.
3. You can enable Night Light through a new button in the Action Center after installing the Creators Update.the feature is tend to work late into the night and like the reduced eye strain that Night Light would can allow Windows 10 to reduce blue light from a screen after sunset or at a specific time in the evening.

4. Microsoft Edge :

Microsoft Edge now lets you set your tabs aside for later, sweeping them aside and organizing them neatly in a special section for easy access when you’re ready.
If you have a lot of tabs open, it can be difficult to do work or to find a specific page in the tiny icons and titles. so Microsoft Edge now includes the ability to preview all your open tabs at once so you can get back to what you’re looking for in a snap.

5. More Controls over Windows Updates.Set active hours to when you typically use the device. inactive hours it won’t automatically restart, and it won’t restart without checking if you’re using it. the new "snooze" feature that works just like it sounds. When an update is ready to be installed, you'll see an alert that will let you restart now to install, pick a different time to install or pause the updates for 3 days by tapping the "snooze" button.

6. Paint 3D
Now with the Creators Update, you have a new app called Paint 3D and access to an online creative community at The all-new Paint 3D allows you to create or modify 3D objects, easily change colour or texture, or turn 2D images into 3D works of art.

7. Dolby Atmos app for Windows 10 now available in the Windows Store. By installing this app you will be able to experience the Dolby Atmos audio experience.

8. When users have a PIN code to open Windows, You can enter Numeric PIN directly even NumLock is Off.

9. Mobile hot Spot icon on Action centre

10. Dynamic Lock
  1. If you forget to lock your PC or tablet when you step away, Windows Hello can use a phone that's paired with your device to automatically lock it shortly after you're out of Bluetooth range

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