How to Transfer Money from Credit card to Bank account Instantly

 E-Wallets/Mobile Wallets :

Mobile Wallets companies saw a big boost due to demonetization. the mobile wallet companies offer ease of transactions through a large network of partners. Customers could pay for daily needs with their mobile phones instead of cash.
initially Paytm, mobikwik, Jio Money, Airtel Payment banks offers users to add money to wallet from their credit or Debit cards. Moreover, you can also transfer wallet money to any bank account in India at a cost.

As of know most of the wallet companies disable the feature to add money from credit cards.
cause Over the last couple of months, few customers using their mobile Wallets to rotate money from their Credit Cards to their bank accounts. Such acts are done in the hope of earning Credit Card points or gaining access to free credit. When a user adds, money using credit card, mobile wallet companies should pay a large fee, nearly 2%, to the credit card company. For that reason, almost all wallet companies blocked adding money from credit cards and encouraging all their users to use Debit Cards or Net Banking to add money to their digital wallets.

How to Transfer credit card money to Mobile Wallet or Bank Account :

I just found out a way to transfer money from Credit card to Bank Account Instantly.follow the below steps.
Step 1: Create and login to Oxigen wallet account.

Step 2: Click on add money button. 
Step 3 : Now Enter Amount to be added to wallet and select debit or credit card as payment mode and proceed to next step.

Step 4: Give your valid credit card credentials and finally click or tap on Pay Now button.

Step 5: After Successful completion, the added money will see in wallet.
Step 6: Now You can  transfer wallet money to any bank account in India at a cost.

How to send money to bank Instantly?

You can send money to bank via Oxigen Wallet in 4 easy steps.
  1. Enter amount
  2. Select the payment mode – IFSC/MMID
  3. Add Beneficiary details
  4. Review & Send

Alternative -  VIRTUAL Prepaid VISA Cards :

Prepaid cash cards are another option that customers found useful.The Pre-Paid card work just as the same way our normal debit cards.For that reason Oxigen Wallet offers you an easy and safe way to pay online for anything everywhere, using its Prepaid VISA feature.Prepaid VISA is a prepaid card powered by VISA that is created using the Oxigen Wallet app. It is like any other multiple-use debit card with a 16-digit card number, expiry date and 3 digit CVV number, only that its virtual and saved within the Oxigen Wallet App. Also, the card is secured with a 4-digit PIN number (verified by VISA).

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